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Primotronix advertises low prices, but don't order from them if you don't want to lose your money and get nothing in return. They informed me that an item would be shipped in the next 24-72 hours, then for 7 weeks I did not receive it, nor did I receive any shipping or tracking information. I made many calls and received many conflicting explanations from them. Finally after that time had expired they informed me that their overseas partner had shipped the item incorrectly, and they agreed to issue me a full refund on September 9. Over two weeks later, I had received no refund, and was compelled to follow up with the Better Business Bureau. They promised to issue a refund within 2 weeks, but did not do so. I called them and filed a *second* complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and they promised for a third time to issue a refund. It is now November 3 and they still have not issued a refund, holding my $800 hostage for over 3 months - it is increasingly evident that I will not recover my money unless I take them to court.

Primotronix provides support by phone, not by email or chat, their support hours are extremely limited (11am-5pm, Mon-Thu), and on one occasion I was on hold for over an hour. They were closed two of four Thursdays in September, further limiting their hours. They made me promises several times about providing shipping information by email and then never did. For about 3 weeks they claimed everything was proceeding normally. After that, they gave me contradictory messages about what was going on, ranging from a backorder (which they later denied) to a direct shipment from Japan (which I never authorized - I requested 7-10 day domestic shipping during checkout). After 5 weeks, they gave me a delivery date of September 5th, but the item never arrived.

They are extremely sensitive about negative reviews, once becoming angry with me about this one, and tried to bribe me with a 3-year warranty to change it. Later on, upon issuing me a refund, they said they would "make sure I was not charged a restocking fee" and that my refund would be "processed quickly" if I posted a "favorable review." I stick to my guns, and sure enough, months later, I have no refund. This is blackmail! This sinister manipulation of their online reputation makes me wonder how many other negative reviews they've made disappear.

Primotronix goes far beyond mere incompetence: they are untrustworthy, deeply immoral and manipulative, and quite possibly criminal. Forget you ever saw them.

Monetary Loss: $940.

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